Give Us Your Thoughts

Please leave us a comment below. Here are some prompts to get you going:

What did you think of our short animated film and web-resource? Is it useful to you in your work? Do you think it makes the case for Collective Custom Build to become part of a more diverse housing market in the UK?

What do you think the barriers to collective self-build are in the UK? What do you think the opportunities are for it to become more common?

Who bears the responsibility for enabling self-provision of housing in the UK?

Did you know that the NPPF places a duty upon local authorities to measure the demand of – and plan for – those who wish to build their own homes?

Please feel free to add any other comments below.

5 Responses to Give Us Your Thoughts

  1. Nick Devlin says:

    Sam, Fionn,

    I’m an environmental design consultant based in West Dorset. We, along with 2 other families, have recently completed an assisted Shared Ownership self build for 3 homes in a terrace in conjunction with a local housing association. It was a painful but ultimately very rewarding process and I’m happy to discuss in more detail.


    Nick Devlin

  2. Rob Annable says:

    I’m involved with a Custom Home Build project in Stoke on Trent that I’m hoping will progress through design development over the summer. Happy to share thoughts on the experience as we go – more details here: I also regularly collaborate with Nick Devlin so there may be some useful overlaps.

  3. Gillian Baughan says:

    Re Collective Self Build and further to your post on Mark Prisk’s visit to LILAC Cohousing, as a frustrated founder-member of a cohousing group that has tried for the last 2 years to get an over-55’s project off the ground, it’s precisely because of the lack of pre-planning support that we’ve been unable to get any further; I’m hoping that the promised relaxation of the funding rules will finally enable us to move forward.

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