Call for web developers!


We are keen to find a talented skilled web developer to collaborate with us on a project called Motivating Collective Custom Build. We hope it might be you. We have a very small amount of funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council under a programme called the Home Improvements Knowledge Exchange.

MCCB_Draft Storyboard_090513 1

We have uncovered some exciting research which we want to disseminate very widely, to help change hearts and minds about the way housing is built in the UK. We want to show how more people can be directly involved in the places they live.

We would need a meeting with you before the end of May so we understand how content needs to be organised most effectively. We need you to be free for two weeks to work with us full time from 17th June. We need the website up and running for the LGA Annual Conference on the 2nd July in Manchester.

Looking at the attached brief Go Free Range say:

 “I suspect you might be able to do most of what you want with WordPress, popcorn.js and someone with good HTML, CSS and Javascript skills.”

Brief and first storyboard will help you to understand the project but we are looking for your thoughts about how to make this easy and user friendly:

The project is a collaboration and we are keen to promote all parties in the project. Your work would be always acknowledged on the site. We hope that through our networks this will lead to further work.

Please get in touch with Cany Ash and/or Sam Brown with any questions. In your response we would like to know a little about:

  •     what you have done
  •     what you would like to do
  •     how this modest  commission with big ambitions could work for you

Please pass on this information to any likely web developers if you are not able to respond yourself.


About Sam Brown

Research Assistant with the Motivating Collective Custom Build research project - University of Sheffield, Ash Sakula Architects, Design for Homes.
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