NaSBA release ‘How The Public Sector Can Help People Build Their Own Homes – A Practice Guide’

‘How The Public Sector Can Help People Build Their Own Homes – A Practice Guide’ was released yesterday by the National Self Build Association (NaSBA) to coincide with National Self-Build Week, which runs from the 4-12 May 2013.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) now requires all local authorities to measure the demand there is for self build homes in their area, and to then to make provision for them. Up to now its been very difficult to find all the current ways of encouraging self build explained in one document, and NaSBA’s new Practice Guide is designed to help and encourage more local authorities and housing associations to get involved in supporting the growth of the self build sector. It contains 14 models for self-build housing, detailing the role of the local authority, housing association or Registered Social Landlord (RSL) in each case, pointing out that between 50 and 60 Authorities are already developing some kind of self-build initiative.

You can download the Practice Guide here.



About Sam Brown

Research Assistant with the Motivating Collective Custom Build research project - University of Sheffield, Ash Sakula Architects, Design for Homes.
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