About MCCB

Motivating Collective Custom Build is a research project led jointly by the University of Sheffield, Ash Sakula Architects and Design For Homes. The research explores the remaining barriers to a wider adoption of collective forms of self-build as a means of housing procurement in the UK and surveys the significant innovation across the self-provided housing sector, concluding that new models for development are needed and that pioneering initiatives depend upon cross-sector partnerships for delivery.
The project also includes a short film and web-resource designed to be used by key industry players – including local authorities, developers, house-builders and community groups – to make the case for Collective Custom Build, identifying the opportunities to overcome remaining barriers through strategic partnerships.
Please Give Us Your Thoughts on Collective Custom Build housing in the UK, or on any of our research outputs.
You can download the report here: (Coming Soon)
You can view our short film and web-resource here: (Coming Soon)
Please get in touch by email: collectivecustombuild@sheffield.ac.uk
You can also follow us on twitter: @CoCuBuild
You can read more about the AHRC support for the project, as well as the wider network of Home Improvements Knowledge Exchange research partners here
MCCB is lead jointly by Ash Sakula Architects, Design For Homes and the University of Sheffield – read more about them here.

2 Responses to About MCCB

  1. Ted Stevens - chair NaSBA says:

    You say that there has been little interest in the Fund, but around one third of it (£10m) has been allocated (the quota for the first year) and the HCA has had lots of enquiries. I’m happy to talk you though it all and what’s actually been happening….and I’m keen to see what you come up with in terms of recommendations to boost motivation/ways of getting more collective self builds underway

  2. fionnstevenson says:

    Ted, thanks for this. Really useful to know. We will contact you in due course to pick your brains on this and we will be publishing a report on the project with recommendations which will be public by end of September this year hopefully.

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